Everything you should know about Hollywood Undead and their side-projects. Article by Josh Miller (@Scrubsauce)


  • Hollywood Undead currently working on 4th album, album release date currently set for SUMMER 2014.
  • Band work with Griffin Boice, Danny Lohner, Sean Gould and Ben Folds
  • Johnny 3 Tears posted a promotional poster (instagram.com)
  • Known unreleased songs:
  • Swan Songs" re-recorded with Danny vocals (except This Love, This Hate, Pimpin’ and The Diary)




  • Side project of J-Dog, Funny Man, Killtron

Known tracks:

Debut EP coming Early 2014.



  • Members: Funny Man, Killtron, Jake Terrell

Known tracks:

Unreleased tracks:

  • Bastard Wax Krew - Money and Cocaine (Title unconfirmed)



  •  Members: Charlie Scene & Daren Pfeifer of HU, Dave Rios, Billy Ryder, Sean Noll, & “Bill” (air guitar)
  • Coverband that plays a wide variety of music from the last few decades
  • Plays shows at sports bars and lounges in the Los Angeles area



  • As of yet un-detailed Johnny 3 Tears side project
  • Mentioned by Johnny 3 Tears in July: bit.ly/GULrbs 
  • Johnny stated that HU comes first in a series of tweets later on: bit.ly/17zlpRK
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how this album will be out in the summer,if notes from the underground released 2013 january and was,officially finished in 2012 may?the 4th album isn't finished yet,and summer is almost here.

NFTU recording sessions was finished in august. Master recording was ready in November, but album wasn’t released till january. But it was difficult situation with NFTU, band spend a lot of time mixing record, because they want to be sure it’ll sound great. Anyway, it’s possible to release this record in summer. Guys already laying down vocals, so it’s obvious recording sessions will be finished soon. For sure, album could be delayed, but you know, that’s how music industry works.